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The Foundation for Care Management (FCM) is a recognized leader in local, national, and international continuing medical education for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

FCM is an ACCME accredited provider for Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians. We are an accredited provider of nursing continuing professional development by the ANCC and an accreditor for ACPE. FCM both directly and jointly provides activities with organizations that qualify and agree to uphold the standards of FCM as set forth by the ACCME, ACPE and ANCC.

Our mission is to provide quality continuing education for physicians, nurses and pharmacists. While we support single profession accreditation our bigger goal lies in our ability to create healthcare teams for change. To work with organizations vested in a team approach with physicians, nurses, and pharmacists as well as other allied health professions to facilitate improvement in patient outcomes. We remain vested in the idea that we all learn from each other and the more we work together the greater the chance for improvement in skills, strategies and outcomes.

FCM Accreditation Services
Please consider FCM as your one-stop-solution for accreditation for ACCME, ANCC and ACPE continuing education credits. Whether you are planning an event for doctors, nurses and pharmacists or just one or two of the above we will work with your team to ensure complete compliance. Working with 'joint providers' accounts for a sizable portion of the CME conducted annually by ACCME accredited providers. We look forward to partnering with you on program compliance.
FEATURED Online Courses
Lateral Violence and Helping to Foster a Healthy Work Environment
Presented by: Ecoee Rooney, DNP, RN-BC, SANE-A Credits: 1.0 Learn More

The purpose of this course is to reflect on the current work environment, identify opportunities for improvements, and learn ways to promote a healthy workplace.

Participants will gain knowledge through improved communication, an environment that fosters inclusion and mutual support, and examine evidence-based practices that are within the control of the bedside nurse with the support of strong, caring nursing leadership.

Outcome Objectives
Upon completion of this learning activity, participants will:

  1. Report increased knowledge in techniques that improve work relationships to foster an improved working environment.
  2. Report their intent to change their practice to include techniques that improve interpersonal wellness and mutual support

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